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Choosing A Dog or Cat?

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How Dogs and Cats View Themselves?

Two dogs and a cat go to Heaven and appear before God. The Lord asks the three of them

“Why should I give you a position in my kingdom”?

The first to answer, a German Shepherd, tells God that he is intelligent, is fierce in defence of his human and loyal beyond all doubt.

God ponders the German Shepard’s answer and knows it to be the truth. “Come loyal friend and sit at my right-hand side”

Next to speak up is the other dog, a Labrador, who answers by stating “I too am loyal, I am trustworthy and I will love you beyond measure”.

God again ponders this answer for a moment before saying “You too speak the truth, come sit at my left-hand side, faithful friend”

He then turns to the cat and waiting for an answer finally asks enquiringly “Well”?

“You’re sitting in my chair,” says the cat!

The Dog

The Dog is essentially a servant. His feelings toward his master are comradely and his manner familiar; he enjoys the master’s affection and regard. He will go to any length to please and protect his people. He can be taught any manner of service tasks and will go about them with enthusiasm. His aim is to please.

Dogs are dependent upon humans. They seek humans for companionship, food, play care and maybe even a sense of purpose. They enjoy the role of being part of the “pack/family” and will go to great lengths to keep that position.

The Cat

The cat is on the other hand, she serves no one, knowingly or willingly. Her one accomplishment — the hunting of mice, rats and other rodents — is self-taught. The man does not live who can claim to have trained a cat to perform a task for human benefit. There are no police cats, no watch cats, no sled cats. The cat does not even come when she’s called unless it suits her of course.

Cats are, well, self-sufficient really. You never have to entertain them. This is not to say that they cannot be entertained or that they themselves are not entertaining. It is just that their errands are many, their schedules full and probably just can’t be bothered with us. Cats prefer going it alone, depending upon their own wit to survive.


Now, whether you choose to share your home with a dog or a cat depends a great deal upon your own personality. If you seek to be in charge, you will come to blows with the cat every time. She cannot be controlled. If companionship and undying loyalty are what you seek, a dog will fill the position willingly.

There are homes and people for both dogs and cats—examine what you expect carefully and choose accordingly. Your home and lives will be better with the presence of either…or both!

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