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Service Agreement

This agreement will remain in effect for future services unless amended by mutual consent or in the case of changes in fees, visits, or times. This document will be securely stored and not disclosed to third parties.

Client Agreement:

  1. Service Provision: First For Pets and its employees will deliver the contracted services in a reliable and professional manner. Any claims against First For Pets, except those arising from our negligence, are hereby waived.
  2. Liability Exclusions: First For Pets is not liable for loss, injury, or death of pets that are outside without a carer’s direct supervision. This includes properties with pet doors and outdoor pets.
  3. Veterinary Requirements: All pets must be registered with a vet and have up-to-date vaccinations.
  4. Dog Control: Dogs will not be let off their leads during carer supervision. Liability for any off-lead activity, as per client request, lies solely with the client.
  5. Medical Limitations: First For Pets does not offer veterinary services. Medical issues will be referred to qualified veterinarians.
  6. Health Restrictions: Pets with acute illnesses or uncontrolled medical conditions will not be serviced; a veterinary boarding is advised.
  7. Behaviour Policy: Aggressive or unruly animals will not be accepted.
  8. Walking Policy: Dogs that are unmanageable or cannot safely walk on a lead will not be walked.
  9. Timing Policy: Exact-time visits cannot be guaranteed. A two-hour window is acceptable.
  10. Operational Hours: Services are primarily performed between 0800 hrs. and 2000 hrs., barring unforeseen emergencies.
  11. Service Refusal: First For Pets reserves the right to decline or terminate service due to safety or financial concerns, or inappropriate situations.
  12. Photography Consent: First For Pets may photograph your pet for internal and promotional purposes.
  13. Cancellation Fees: 50% charge for cancellations 4 weeks prior, and 100% within 48 hours of the service.
  14. Exclusive Booking: All bookings must go through First For Pets; direct arrangements with our carers are prohibited.
  15. Alternative Carers: In case of an emergency unavailability of a carer, an alternative will be provided when possible.
  16. Data Privacy: Client information is securely stored and not shared without permission.
  17. Key Agreement: Client consents to First For Pets creating a duplicate key for agreed pet carers.
  18. Shared Spaces: Dogs may share spaces or exercise time with other dogs unless specifically stated otherwise.
  19. Payment Terms: A 50% deposit is required upon invoice receipt to confirm booking. The balance is due 4 weeks prior to service. Additional costs must be paid within 5 days; £20 late fee applies.
  20. Veterinary Consent: By signing, you authorise First For Pets to sign veterinary consent forms on your behalf.
  21. Third Party Access: No bookings will be accepted if another person (e.g., relative, friend, tradesman) has simultaneous access to the property as it invalidates our insurance.
  22. Satisfaction Guarantee: First For Pets offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our service. To process a refund, contact us within 7 days of service completion, detailing the specific aspect of the service that did not meet your expectations. This feedback is crucial for initiating the refund and helps us improve our service quality.

If unable to return, I nominate [Name, Address, Phone)


to assume pet care and financial responsibilities. Failure to communicate within 14 days post-service allows First For Pets to rehome the pet responsibly.

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