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Expert Holiday Pet Care at Home - Where Your Cat is Most Comfortable

Does the idea of sending your cat to a cattery stress you out? We understand that many pets, especially as they get older, don’t cope well with upheaval or travel. Cats, in particular, are creatures of habit. That’s why at  First For Pets , we offer home visits to provide the care your feline companion needs while you’re away. Whether you’re going on a holiday, work trip, or a short weekend break, our cat-loving, reliable, and fully-vetted pet carers are here to take care of your kitty in the comfort of their own home.

How We Can Help

Does your cat require medication or insulin? No worries! Our pet carers are trained to administer medicine to cats, so you can rest easy knowing that your higher-needs cat is in capable hands. With First For Pets , you don’t have to stress about finding a cattery that can accommodate your cat’s specific health requirements.

It’s evident that we have a deep love for the animals we care for. Our dedicated pet carers will treat your cat as if it were their own, providing them with the love, attention, and care they deserve. What’s more, our pet carers are fully insured and have undergone thorough reference and DBS checks, ensuring your peace of mind.

Using our innovative Pet Sitter Plus app, you can stay connected with your pet even when you’re away. Our pet carers will check in and out online, providing you with real-time updates on their visits to your property. We’ll even send you WhatsApp images and regular updates about your cat, so you can feel connected and reassured. For an added level of confidence, you can even install a webcam and watch our visits on your mobile phone. Whatever it takes to help you relax while you’re away from home.

At First For Pets , we go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind and convenience. If you need us to water the garden or take care of tasks like putting the bins out, consider it done. Just let us know, and we’ll take care of these additional responsibilities for you.

Getting started with First For Pets  is simple:

Fill in a contact form on our website, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch with you promptly.

We’ll arrange a consultation in your home, where you can discuss your cat’s specific needs, dietary requirements, whether they’re allowed outside, and their usual wandering spots. This information allows us to keep a watchful eye on your cat and provide tailored care.

Decide how many visits your kitty will need during your absence. We charge per visit, ensuring flexible options to suit your schedule and your cat’s needs.

Once you head off, our experienced pet carers will check in via our app, eliminating any worries about whether they’ve visited or not. You can rest assured that your feline friend is receiving the care and attention they deserve.

Your Furry Friend Will Love This Great Alternative to a Cattery!

Opt for our professional cat sitting service, and give your cat the comfort, familiarity, and personalised care they deserve. By choosing First For Pets , you’re ensuring that your feline companion receives dedicated attention, affection, and a stress-free experience in the comfort of their own home.

Are you ready to fill in that contact form and book your consultation? Our team is eagerly awaiting your message, ready to provide top-quality care for your beloved cat. Experience the difference with  First For Pets  – your cat’s happiness is our priority!

Cat Sitting Pricing

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8am - 8pm

15 minutes

Pop in visits

Food and water/let out/garden.   

£12.30 per visit

(Pricing is exclusive of VAT)


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