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Doggy Day Care, The Pros and Cons?

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There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to bring your dog to day care. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of taking your dog to a day care service. We will also provide guidance on what to do if you’re still undecided about whether or not Doggy Day Care is right for your dog.

Finally, we will share some tips on how to find the right Doggy Day Care for your dog.

The Pros of Bringing Your Dog to Day Care.

If you’re considering taking your dog to day care, then there are a few key pros to keep in mind.

First, day care can be very beneficial for dogs who need socialisation and will benefit from interacting with other doggy pals, people as well as different environments. Doggy day care can provide an opportunity for your dog to learn valuable social skills while burning off excess energy and if your pup is a particularly active or vocal breed, then day care can provide the perfect environment for them to expend their extra energy.



In addition to play and exercise, day care can also offer a safe place for your dog to stay during the day if you’re out of the house for extended periods. Good day care facilities have staff members who will mind and care for your dog. Additionally, during their time at day care, your pup will receive treats, cuddles, and personalized attention from the staff. Some facilities will also administer medicine if so instructed. With dedicated staff members focused on the well-being of your pup, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your pup is safe and taken care of.

The Cons of Bringing Your Dog to Doggy Day Care.

However, there are a few cons to keep in mind when it comes to Doggy Day Care for your pup. The first is that Doggy Day Care is an additional expense that pet owners must consider and where your dog’s health is at stake cheaper is not always the best option.

Doggy Day Care may be a stressful experience for your pup which is a good reason to do your research and not just go for the nearest. Some pups may not be able to adjust to the loud noises that can be associated with some dog Doggy Day Care. Some dogs can be overwhelmed if there are a lot of dogs that change every day. In cases like these, Doggy Day Care may actually do more harm than good for your pup.

What to Do If You’re Still Undecided About Bringing Your Dog to Doggy Day Care.

If you’re still undecided about bringing your pup to Doggy Day Care, then the best thing to do is to talk to a professional. Veterinarians, certified trainers, and dog behaviourists can provide valuable insight that can help you decide if Doggy Day Care is right for your pup. Ask the Doggy Day Care owner if you can talk to their clients first-hand to help with your decision.


How to Find the Right Doggy Day Care for Your Dog

Ok, you’ve decided to use a Doggy Day Care service but how to choose which one? When it comes to finding the right Doggy Day Care for your pup, the first step is to do your research. Look for facilities that offer the amenities and services that you and your pup need. All licenced Doggy Day Care facilities will require up-to-date vaccinations and completed registration forms; this should be your first consideration!

Check to see if the licence is current and what insurance is in place too. If they accept your dog without the necessary vaccinations, they’ll accept others too putting all the dogs at risk of disease.

Additionally, you should ask the staff questions to better understand the processes they use to ensure the safety and comfort of the dogs. Ask how many dogs they have at any one time, are the dogs regulars or do they change every day? Do they have a vehicle to transport dogs to vets in emergencies or for pick-ups and drop-offs and is it fit for purpose? You should also ask to see the Doggy Day Care in person to get a better feel for the environment and make sure that it is right for your pup. Look for hazards that may cause injury, look for possible escape routes, unlocked gates holes in fences or low fences for instance. Hygiene, is there faeces present or litter, are there disposal facilities, are the bowls clean and topped up with fresh water?


When it comes to deciding whether or not to bring your dog to Doggy Day Care, it ultimately comes down to weighing the pros and cons. If your pup loves to socialise, needs some extra exercise, and the costs of Doggy Day Care are reasonable for you and your pup, then Doggy Day Care may be an excellent way to provide your pup with the unique opportunities they won’t receive anywhere else.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget or if your pup is particularly anxious, then Doggy Day Care may not be the best option for your pup. Overall, when it comes to deciding whether or not to bring your pup to Doggy Day Care, it is important to decide what will be the best for you, and your pup, and what you will both gain from it. No matter what you decide, it is important to do your research and to ask the right questions so that you can ensure the best decision for your pup.

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