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How to choose a Pet Care Service!

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Our Guide to selecting  the right pet care service

How do we know the answer to the question “How to choose a Pet Care Service”?

We could give many reasons, such as, we run a successful pet care service business ourselves having over six years of experience! But first and foremost we are pet owners, just like you, and we know what we want for our pets is what you would want for yours!

So, when you’re looking for pet care here are some quick tips.

Tip #1 – Don’t be governed by price alone.

Look at the level of the care being offered not just the price. Look at and read the company’s reviews, and ask to speak to existing clients too. Look at all the services on offer, not just the ones you need.

For example:

  1. Giving daily updates on your pet’s well being
  2. Putting your bins out while you’re away,
  3. Watering your garden in a dry spell.
  4. Looking after your houseplants.
  5. Do they do the bare minimum or go above and beyond?

Remember an amateur can end up costing a lot more than a professional!

Tip #2 – How do I tell if they are professional?

The way a business answers the initial enquiry can tell you a lot about them. For instance. Do they answer the phone stating their name and the company name so you know who you are talking to? Do they call back when a message is left and is it replied to within an acceptable time, say 2 hours? Look at their Facebook page or any other social media they may have along with the website. You can judge for yourself the level of care and attention paid to these is a measure of their professionalism.

“They didn’t just feed the cat, they also looked after our garden and fruit bushes and put the bins out for us – it was more like a friend who was helping us out..”

Tip #3 – Are they trustworthy, reliable and safe?

This was a big one for us when we started our pet care business, that we would be trustworthy, reliable and safe. We had been lied to by a Pet Care company we had trusted to look after our dog in their home for daycare. They sent our dog to another house so they could have more dogs at their house. We were not made aware this other person had our dog or where she was, they were not licenced or even insured. We know how precious your pets are. So, ask to see boarding licences, ask to see insurance policies, ask to see DBS certificates, ask to meet the people they employ, check with the local licencing authority that they have current licences, and look at their reputation, in other words, do your research.

Tip #5 – Are they the right company for you and your pet?

After you’ve checked out the businesses in your area don’t forget to consider your pet’s needs. Doggy Daycare in a large compound with many other dogs may be great for your dog whereas a smaller group may be better suited for another dog. Home visits may be just what your cat requires, another cat may be more at home in a cattery. Kennels are suitable for some dogs but not all, so look for a Home boarder. If you have many pets or a mixture of different pets then a House sitter may be worth considering. House sitters are usually more convenient than the hassle of transporting your pets to different establishments


Hopefully, this article will give you guidance when choosing a Pet Care Business. All the above tips relate to the whole industry whether a kennel, a cattery, a *dog walker or a Multi-Service Provider. They should all be licenced, insured, safety conscious and knowledgeable. Any concerns…look somewhere else.

Please feel free to comment on what you have just read or get in touch, your feedback is important to us and helps us to provide an even better service.

* Licencing for dog walkers is being considered by many boroughs with some having already implemented it.

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