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Poppy the toy Poodle

Poppy Our Toy Poodle

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How did this happen?

Poppy is a 13-year-old toy poodle, has the breath to drop a donkey at 10 paces, has numerous warts due to her age and shakes with nerves in new situations, but despite her small size and nervous disposition, Poppy has a big personality and a heart full of love, she has brought so much joy and happiness to her our lives, and in this blog post, we will explore the story of how Poppy came to us and the lessons we all can learn from her.

I had taken Poppy to the vet on several occasions and the groomers in our Pet Taxi. She would tremble with fear when I first met her. She was afraid to leave her owner’s side, but over time we became good friends she would jump and spin when I turned up to take her anywhere, and Poppy’s mom became a friend too.

Poppy began staying at ours for Day Care when her owner had appointments and then for Home Boarding when her mom had to go into hospital. We would be called out in emergencies to take care of Poppy when her mom had falls too. It soon became clear with her mom’s health failing that Poppy would need to be rehomed. A sister was suggested but she didn’t want her due to her failing health, she suggested that because of Poppy’s age, we put her to sleep!

We had to adopt her and let her see out her days and give her the love and care she deserved. Her mom was thrilled and I promised she would still be able to see her little girl. From that day on, Poppy’s life changed forever, as did ours! She has a new home and plenty of canine friends and we love her and will always be there for her.

Dressing up!

Poppy faces some age-related health challenges, she has dental problems and needs eye drops twice daily and grooming every 6 weeks or so. However, we expected this when we took her on. What I didn’t expect was to be putting jumpers on her to keep her warm! As a big dog person, I never thought I’d be dressing a dog but her fur is thin and she feels the cold, she needs extra care and attention, she is an old girl after all.

Toy poodle dog in a jumper staring into the camera

Poppy and her new jumper!

Despite her age, Poppy has always been a happy and loving dog. She loves to cuddle up at night, play with her toys, and go for walks with Jasmine…our proper dog! She has a unique personality and can best be described as a “little diva” who loves to be the centre of attention. Poppy has brought so much joy and happiness, and we are grateful every day for the love and companionship that Poppy provides.

Large brown dog using white smaller dog as a pillow

Margot using Poppy as a pillow

She still sees her mom. We take her for a monthly visit to the home where she resides. She loves to see her, and Poppy enjoys the ride out along with the fuss and attention she receives from her mom and the other residents in the home. Another example of the selfless love a dog gives regardless of their age.

Poppy’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of rescuing animals in need, there are so many animals out there who are waiting for a loving home and a family to call their own. By adopting a rescued or old animal, you not only provide them with a loving home but also save them from a life of loneliness and despair. Poppy’s story also highlights the importance of compassion and kindness towards animals, no matter their age or health status. All animals deserve to be loved and cared for.

In conclusion,

Poppy the toy poodle is an inspiration to us all. She brought so much happiness to her owner’s life, and now she does the same for us. Her owner is forever grateful for the love and companionship that Poppy supplied all the years they were together.

two dogs resting together and the owner looking on

Poppy and her two best friends, Misty and me

If you are considering adopting a rescued animal, let Poppy’s story inspire you to open your heart and home to an animal in need. Many rescues and charities are crying out for foster families and adopters with the rise in unwanted pets resulting from the pandemic.

A fantastic charity that we have the pleasure and honour of working with is the Oldies Club, they find homes and foster parents for dogs in the same or worse position that our Poppy found herself in. There are many more rescues, a quick google search will find many in your area and not just for dogs…cats, rabbits even horses they all need our support!

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