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Undecided about Pet Cremation? Dealing with the loss of a cherished pet at home is a heart-wrenching experience, leaving many pet owners uncertain about the next steps. Typically, your first thought might be to contact your veterinarian for guidance. While this is a common practice, it’s essential to know all available options to make informed decisions during such a distressing time.

Veterinary practices often collaborate with pet cremation services, but it’s important to be aware of the specifics of these services, including how your pet is treated and the nature of the cremation process. With the rise of corporate entities in veterinary care, personalised service can sometimes be overshadowed by standardised procedures.

When faced with the need for pet cremation, here are critical questions to consider:

  1. Respectful Treatment: Ensure your pet will be treated with dignity from collection to cremation.
  2. Storage: Understand how and where your pet will be stored prior to cremation.
  3. Collection Timing: Ascertain the timeframe for your pet’s collection and cremation.
  4. Crematorium Details: Inquire about the specific crematorium used and its location.
  5. Cremation Process: Confirm if individual cremation in a sealed chamber is guaranteed.
  6. Inclusions: Clarify what is included in the service, such as a casket or scatter tube.
  7. Return of Ashes: Determine the timeline for the return of your pet’s ashes and the method of delivery.
  8. Cost: Understand the full cost of the service, ensuring there are no hidden fees.

First For Pets: Compassionate Care When You Need It Most

First For Pets offers a bespoke cremation service, addressing each of the points mentioned with the utmost respect and care:

  1. Respectful Treatment: We ensure every pet is treated with profound respect from the moment of collection.
  2. Immediate Care: We guarantee cremation on the day of collection or the following day, with proper accommodations overnight.
  3. Prompt Collection: We collect your pet within two hours of your call, ensuring they are promptly cared for.
  4. Dedicated Crematorium: We use Kings Hill Pet Crematorium, renowned for its compassionate, family-run services and excellent reputation, evident from their numerous 5-star testimonials.
  5. Guaranteed Individual Cremation: Each pet is cremated individually in a dedicated chamber, with the option to include a personal keepsake.
  6. Comprehensive Service: Our service includes collection, cremation, a choice of casket or scatter tube, and return, with additional memorabilia available upon request.
  7. Timely Return: We ensure your pet’s ashes are returned by the end of the next working day, delivered personally.
  8. Transparent Pricing: We provide upfront pricing for our comprehensive, stress-free service.

Planning ahead, especially for elderly or ill pets, can alleviate the burden of making hasty decisions during emotional times. By choosing a service like First For Pets, you ensure that your beloved companion is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve in their final journey.

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