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Other companies similar to ours have vehicles for transporting domestic pets (mainly dogs and cats) to vets and groomers etc… we are not alone in providing a transport service.

So what is it that sets us apart and makes us unique?

Our vehicle is a DEFRA registered Pet Ambulance, that’s what!

“Well, what does that mean?” I hear you ask.

It means that we have a set of rules to abide by in terms of how we can travel, and transport your pet safely.

There are limits set for how long we can travel with a pet. The temperature inside of the vehicle has to be regulated. It must be serviced, and MOT tested every year from new to qualify as a Pet Ambulance. We have to have emergency procedures in place in case of a breakdown for instance .


We have strict cleaning and hygiene procedures we carry out after journeys or trips to the vets. The vehicle is designed to be cleaned easily and effectively.

Companies using cars and allowing pets to travel on seating or in the boot

or foot-well for instance may well have them secured correctly, (see Highway code rule 57) but how do they clean vomit, blood and other bodily fluids, not to mention contagions, effectively from seating and carpeting?

The First For Pets Ambulance is fitted with a foul air extractor and flashing light bar. It has fully reflective livery. We carry emergency first aid kits, leads, muzzles, towels, blankets, disinfectants, vet bedding, PPE and water, everything for every eventuality (including a snow shovel on occasion).

First Aid

We have received training at an RCVS accredited veterinary practice in pet first aid, animal handing, and administering medications, including insulin injections.

We have transported pets for owners, veterinary surgeries, charities, breeders, kennels, catteries, and veterinary referral units for routine, non-urgent and emergency pet transport, locally and long distance.

Peace of mind.

The procedures are there for one reason and one reason only, and that is for the safety and comfort of your pet. You can therefore be reassured that when your precious puppy or pampered pussycat

is in our vehicle, we are complying with strict welfare guidelines.

Your pet is a VIP when in our care. We don’t carry any other animals in our vehicle when transporting yours. This means their journey is stress free and they have our undivided attention.

All of our pet services are available in line with the UK Government legislation and CFSG, PIF, and KC guidelines.

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