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Choosing the right Cattery

Home Visits vs. Cattery Stays for Your Cat: Making the Right Choice

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When planning time away from home, cat owners are faced with a crucial decision: should their beloved feline friend be looked after through home visits or stay at a cattery? This guide aims to help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option, considering factors such as your cat’s personality, your budget, and the level of care provided.


  1. Home Visits:

Home visits involve a pet carer coming to your house to care for your cat in its familiar environment.


Key Benefits:


Familiar Environment: Reduces stress by allowing your cat to stay in its known surroundings.

Personal Attention: Tailored care and interaction during visits.

Routine Maintenance: Keeping up with feeding, litter cleaning, and playtime as per your cat’s usual schedule.



Limited Social Interaction: May not be suitable for cats that crave constant companionship.

Security Concerns: Involves giving someone access to your home.

Availability: Dependence on the reliability and availability of the pet carer.

  1. Cattery Stays:

A cattery provides a boarding facility specifically designed for cats.


Key Benefits:


Professional Care: Staff trained in cat care and health monitoring.

Safety and Supervision: Continuous oversight and secure facilities.

Social Opportunities: Interaction with other cats if appropriate.



Adjustment Required: Some cats may find it stressful to adapt to a new environment.

Limited Personal Attention: Care is less tailored than individual home visits.

Health Precautions: Vaccinations and health checks are often required.

  1. Factors to Consider:


Your Cat’s Personality: Understand your cat’s preference for solitude or company.

Budget: Determine your financial allowance for your cat’s care.

Duration of Your Absence: Longer trips might lean towards cattery stays for continuous care.

  1. Making an Informed Choice:

Visiting potential catteries and meeting pet carers can provide peace of mind. Whether opting for a professional cattery or a trusted pet carer for home visits, ensure they meet all necessary legal and welfare standards.



The decision between home visits and a cattery stay depends on your cat’s needs and your personal circumstances. At First For Pets, we understand the importance of your cat’s well-being and offer expert guidance to help you make the best choice. Contact us for more information about our cat care services and support in making this important decision.

The First For Pets Team


Note: Rest assured, all of our pet carers have been thoroughly reference and DBS checked, are experienced, and are covered by our insurance, ensuring the highest standard of care for your beloved cat.

Cats Protection has excellent help and advice along with plenty of information regarding care for old cats.

PDSA are another excellent source of information.

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